Who We Are

Three founding friends connected through the practice of Bhakti Yoga and a (growing) team of good people sharing the gift of pure, healthy eating and high thinking with others.

Pure Bliss Organics… our name embodies what we are about: eating clean organic food and trying to embody the universal principles of goodness, such as respect, compassion, and mindful inspired actions. This is the spirit of our company and the basis of blissful healthy living.

What We Do

We truly believe there’s no better medicine than natural foods grown from the Earth. 

Our products are made from all organic, quality ingredients, minimally processed to retain their nutritional value and taste. We’re a team of enthusiastic and unorthodox foodies who love to create innovative products with quality and purity as the main qualifiers and that meet many special dietary needs. We use healthy alternative sweeteners, whole grains, and a variety of superfoods rich in taste to provide clean energy to fuel your day. We have a gluten free and organic certified faciality.

Who We Are

Jon Morgan:  Co-Founder, President/Sales and Marketing Manager
Antônio Da Costa Antônio: Co-Founder, Accounting and Production Manager
Flávia Krsna: Co-founder, Product Development Specialist

Alex Bolduc- Executive Chef

Palaka Das- Chef