Humble Beginnings

In 2005, Jon Morgan and Antonio Da Costa (the two dudes on the left/top row) purchased a fledgling granola business selling to 9 stores and transformed into Pure Bliss Organics. Inspired by their desire to make a difference for our planet and people's well being, they set out to create deliciously awesome organic foods that nourish mind, body and soul. Pure Bliss Organics’ success has now grown to include organic granola, energy bars + bites, and gourmet nuts.  

"We celebrate the gifts of Nature, the gifts of creative inspiration, the gifts of community, the gifts of health, and the gifts of life lived with a sense of purpose."
-Pete (the tallest Blisshead in the middle back row)

Pure Bliss Today

Pure Bliss today is a family of friends who are passionate about sharing bliss through delicious food made with pure, life sustaining ingredients. Our foundation is built on the principles of integrity, sustainability, quality, and compassion. From our suppliers, to our staff including our cooks who prepare our products, and to you - we strive to do everything with love, respect, and good intention. We use minimally processed certified organic ingredients, with NO FUNNY STUFF added in order to blissfully nourish everyone with healthy and delicious products. Give in to the Grin!